USTP Board

Name: Dr. Peter Lochoro Position: Board Chairman
Name: Prima Kazoora

Position: Vice Chairperson

Name: Dorothy Namutamba Position: Treasurer
Name: Robert Nakibumba Position: Chairperson, ACSM Working Group
Name: Dr. Achilles Katamba Position: Chairperson M&E, Research Working Group
Name: Dr. Nkolo Abel

Position: Chairperson TB/HIV Working Group

Name: Dr. Steven Watiti Position: Representative of communities affected by TB
Name: George Tamale

Position: Representative of the Private Sector

Name:Dr. Joseph Kawuma Position: Partnership Technical consultant/Advisor (Patron)
Name:Allen Kuteesa Tegulle Position: Representative of the TB Constituency to the CCM Board
Name: Dr. Stavia Turyahabwe Position: Assistant Commissioner – National TB & Leprosy Program (Ex-officio)
Name: Dr. Simon Walusimbi Position: WHO representative (Ex-officio)
Name: Dr. Isiko Paul

Position: Executive Director and Secretary to the Board