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Our Programes / Work

Through this WG, USTP sensitize decision makers in this country at various levels on the burden of TB and TB/HIV and their impact to the country’s development. It ...

World TB Day is a global event designed to cultivate public awareness about TB still being an epidemic in much of the world, causing the deaths of nearly...

USTP is engaged in supporting strategies to guide private TB control entities to contribute to TB case detection and treatment success targets. In doing so...

We are a Non-profit making and Non-Governmental Organization formed in 2004 to support and coordinate nonpublic partners engaged in TB control in Uganda. It helps to increase momentum to upgrade TB control and harness new Inputs from these and even non-traditional partners in TB control. USTP has over 60 such partners. All these partners subscribe and contribute to the national strategic plan for TB control that is spearheaded by the Ministry of Health through the National TB and Leprosy Program, NTLP. Each partner brings specific expertise, experience and resources to contribute to the National TB response.

USTP has a General Assembly, the Partners’ Forum which brings together all members. Functionally, the USTP is made up of a coordinating board (The Board) and a secretariat which are the governing body and focal point for the coordination plus control of the Partnership activities respectively.

Our Objectives

  • “1. To achieve and sustain the NTLP case finding and cure rate targets.”

    Objective One

  • “2. To provide accurate information about TB and the fight against it.”

    Objective Two

  • “3. To be a platform for coordination of agencies and stakeholders to contribute to the fight against TB.”

    Objective Three

  • “4. To maintain relationship and subscribe to objectives of the global Stop TB Partnership.”

    Objective Four

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